Hands-on studio course to introduce students to techniques and aesthetics of creating experimental art/media events and installations based on technologies of electronics, sensors and control of devices. In both the art and research worlds dissatisfaction is growing with the limitations of the mouse and keyboard as computer interfaces. New technologies enable sensing of motion, location, and gestureā€¦ Similarly new paradigms of ubiquitous computing are exploring the possibilities of activated spaces in which objects are endowed with intelligence, communication, and responsiveness.

3 Responses to “IMPORTANT NEWS”

  1. davidtuazon Says:

    my shopping list blew away! i need like two 3v batteries there housing and two chips that were like 5xs but im not sure if that is correct

  2. davidtuazon Says:

    ok so a reminder Michael i need a schematic chart that shows the circuitry needed to switch from motor to motor on the cd player with the change of light on a light sensor.

  3. davidtuazon Says:

    also i need a second one that uses a 555 chip to make the clicking motor go off every .3 seconds , so two 555 chips total in this one.

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