Chain Reaction Project


  • Input: Sound To Start Reaction (Clapping)
  • Output: Motor Spins and lifts jar


  • Input: Jar Lifts and Turns on Sound
  • Output: turn on sound to Andrew


  • Input: sense sound from Crystal
  • Output: turn on light to Rona


  • Input: sense light from Andrew
  • Output: turn on light to Elisa


  • Input: sense light from Rona
  • Output: turn on light to Will


  • Input: sense light from Elisa
  • Output: close a switch (transistor)


  • Input: receive signal from Will switch (transistor)
  • Output: fan turns on and blows gold leaf at special Gold Leaf Detector

Thuy Van

  • Input: Contact closure from Gold Leaf Detector
  • Output: turn on sound to Martin


  • Input: sense sound with microphone
  • Output: turn on a laser beam (light) to Jake


  • Input: sense light from Martin
  • Output: sound to Katrina and Kaliko

Katrina and Kalico

  • Input: sense sound from Jake
  • Output: Motion of Kicking doll foot turn on switch to Amber
  • 2nd Output: Motion of other doll foot turns on 2nd switch which turns on a motor that waves a flag


  • Input: signal from Katrina & Kalico’s switch
  • Output: turns on a fan that blows paper and tilts a tilt motion sensor to Sarah


  • Input: Tilt switch from amber
  • Output: closes a switch (transistor) which turns on Tashay’s son’s car


  • Input: Switch closed by Tashay’s son’s car
  • Output: Electrical signal to Sean


  • Input: Electrical signal from Tashay
  • Output: Turn on sound (loudspeaker)


  • Input: Sense sound from Sean
  • Output: David releases a marble (motor or solenoid moves some sort of gate)

One Response to “Chain Reaction Project”

  1. Katrina Arcieri Says:

    Looking for tutorials and such on hooking up a sensor for sound (mic) and found this cool site, I think it is by an artist. There are interesting projects listed using Arduino and some tutorials.

    Happy Hacking!

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