Help with Arduino

Basic Arduino

There are endless Arduino resources on the Internet. Here are some I think are well written and simple for beginners.

An all time favorite, by Limor Fried (AKA Lady Ada)

The four basic functions (digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output) from the Arduino website

A Linux magazine that happened to have a nicely written 3 part series (1 2 3) Arduino tutorial

Connecting Arduino to other things

ITP tutorial on controlling a motor or other high current load with an Arduino

Slight variation on the above circuit, showing the added base transistor which I really think belongs there.

Another tutorial from ITP, this one showing how to attach a “flicky sensor” to an Arduino. The flicky sensor (piezo tab) generates a very small voltage, too small to be sensed directly by Arduino. It must first be amplified by a circuit like this.

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