What’s in your Physical Computing Experimentor’s Kit

Your Physical Computing Experimentor’s Kit consists of two parts. In your art bin you should have:

Arduino Board
USB cable
Needle nose pliers
Wire stripper/cutters
Solderless Breadboard
Small collection of wire for solderless breadboard
Power supply
Multimeter, digital or analog

Expendable components are not in your kit, but in the parts drawers in the locked cabinet. You don’t need to use all of these, and you may use more of some, but figure that you are entitled to roughly:
4 x 220 ohm
4 x 1k
4 x 10k
4 x 22k
2 x 0.1 uf
2 x 1uf
2 x 10 uf
1  7805 regulator
4 green LED
4 red LED
4 yellow LED
switch toggle  dpdt
3 photoresistor
5v relay logic level input  1amp or more
1 tip120
2 2n2222

3 Responses to “What’s in your Physical Computing Experimentor’s Kit”

  1. ejf10 Says:

    Hi Lauren,

    In my kit you saw that I dont have anything from after the wire stripper/cutters

  2. Matthew A. Dalton Says:

    I think you forgot the power supply, the extra cable for it, the multimeter, the cables for that, the solderless breadboard, and the box of wires. (can’t remember anything else from memory)

    Of course…this may not be the updated list, in which case, apologies.

  3. seanbennett Says:

    Hey Lauren,
    I don’t have anything on the list except for the Arduino Board and USB cables. I also have a multimeter, bread board and the power supply.

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